Create the ultimate outdoor advertising essentials

For decades, businesses have used outdoor advertising techniques to flood our streets, shops and even homes, creating a 24/7 medium which simply cannot be missed.

From the use of billboards on roads and motorways, to posters through the letterbox, outdoor advertising is unavoidable, and can give your business some needed exposure.

So, as summer approaches and brings potential customers outdoors, why not take advantage of this great cost-effective marketing tool and see what The Print Runner can do for your business?

What are the different types of outdoor advertising?

As a consumer, you will see hundreds of outdoor advertisements every day, making it increasingly harder for businesses to grab their audience’s attention.

However, technology has enabled us to express a level of creativity, producing more innovative types of outdoor advertising bespoke to your business.


Specifically target your potential customers with standout posters! Ideal for communicating your message directly to your target market, poster advertising will also increase your brands visibility.

Posters can be used anywhere, inside or outdoor, and displayed across other businesses, in shop windows and even through local customers post boxes.

Customise the size and quantity, with quick, immediate visual impressions of your brand, and you can even incorporate promotions and interactive features, such as coupons or vouchers.

The Print Runner posters offer huge flexibility and a more affordable option compared to other outdoor advertising methods.

Banners and billboards

Banners and billboards give businesses a higher chance of getting potential customers to become interested in your brand, as they reach wider audiences when placed in strategic locations.

The inclusion of graphics, logo’s or even a colour scheme, can transform banners into an effective means of outdoor advertisement.

Billboards and banners can reach people far and wide, and widen your customer base from locally to nationally, influencing several customers without disturbance.

Get your message across so it can’t be missed with The Print Runner’s banners.

Vehicle branding

Alternatively, show off your company on the road and brand your vehicle with distinctive, eye-catching vehicle wrap.

Vehicle wrap can be a great way to display your business to pedestrians. By using your logo and bright colours to coincide with your brand, you can create an outdoor advertising technique that is both attractive and memorable to consumers.

From full vehicle wraps to door and window stickers, get the best out of your vehicle advertising with The Print Runner.

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