Printing essentials to get your restaurant ready for launch

Opening a restaurant requires a massive amount of time and planning, and once the foundation of your restaurant is built, it’s all about focusing on the marketing tools to attract a customer base.

With the restaurant market fierce, making your business stand out from the crowd is key. To help you hit the ground running with your restaurant exposure, The Print Runner have all the essential printing tool ideas, so you are ready for launch!

Print marketing for your restaurant

Print materials are a crucial investment for any restaurant that wants to get off the ground and running.  With several effective print marketing tools available, it is vital you choose the right products that will attract customers and get your brand across in the best possible light.

Restaurant Menu’s

It goes without saying that one of the most important parts of a restaurant is the menu, as this is what potential customers will look at before choosing to dine with you.

Once you’ve established your food and pricing, focusing on creating an attractive design will be what draws customers in and encourages them to order.

Consider factors such as your colour scheme, logo, size and style of the restaurant menu, so it effectively represents your restaurant and foods. They should be well written but simple and easy to read, with descriptive details about your meals, so customer’s know what they’re buying.

Internal and External Signage

Internal signage can transform your restaurant and give it a completely new atmosphere. By using bright, eye-catching and attractively designed signage, you can create decorative pieces as well as utilise free space.

As a restaurant you want to entice new customers and make loyal ones feel at home. Using images of food will get your customers stomachs rumbling and promote some of the food you have on offer.

Large wall menus are also an attractive tool, which can list ‘specials of the day’ and offers you have in place. Deals and offers can also be placed on external signage, along with restaurant announcements, which can be beneficial for your restaurant launch.

Consistency is essential, as customers are attracted by classic and simple designs. Therefore, incorporate this with your colour scheme, and focus on getting your brand identity across.

Leaflets and Flyers

Often used to convey a message, leaflets and flyers can be an effective way to target your customer base and get your restaurant known by local people.

Show your brand identity and make sure you emphasise any opening offers or continuing discounts you’re planning on introducing, as people are attracted by low costs and spending less.

Whether you’re handing them out on the street or posting them through letterboxes, they can be an essential tool to attract custom for your restaurant launch night!


Not only can coupons and vouchers be included in leaflets and flyers, but they can also be used in your restaurant. For example, offering 20% off for the first 10 customers that dine with you will be sure to entice customers to your restaurant opening night.

Giving people an extra incentive is a sure-fire way to create a loyal customer base.


As well as restaurant appearance, staff appearance can go a long way in reflecting the image, values and products of the business. Personalised work wear gives restaurants an opportunity to be original and get creative with their own designs.

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