5 must-haves for networking events

Networking events are all about meeting people and gaining valuable contacts, as well as sharing who you are and what you do. In order to do so, successful networking is a matter of having the right tools to show what you do in the best light possible.

With that in mind, The Print Runner have a range of must-haves you can bring with you to get you ready for your networking event, and really benefit your business!

Produce business cards

Business cards are a quick and easy way of gathering your contact details all in one place and exchanging with others during networking events. You can include vital information, from your personal details and social platforms, to the location of your business and the logo.

The way a business card is designed and formatted can tell you a lot about a company. Therefore, creating cards which represent your brand to its full potential is key to generate the best results. Ultimately, they are an essential tool to connect people and companies together, so you need to be prepared and ensure you have more than enough cards to go around!

Personalise your exhibition stand

Networking events are the first place to make incredibly valuable first-hand connections when launching a business. With the use of exhibition stands, you can raise awareness and showcase your brand, ideas or products all in one place.

Alongside your materials, a bespoke exhibition stand design will reflect the key message of your brand and effectively communicate the ethos of your company.

Create merchandise

Further your brand beyond the networking event, by offering a selection of merchandise to your possible future connections.

By creating and handing out merchandise, you can showcase what your brand is really about. Design a unique print or display your brand logo on products such as, clothing, tote bags and stationary. This can be a great way of reaching further audiences outside a networking event and for possible clients to take home something valuable they’ll remember or put to good use.

Produce an information filled magazine

Magazines can be an ideal way of grouping together your brand’s products, promoting company achievements, advertising future business events and more.

Creating a collective of all your business ideas can really showcase what your brand is about and form a focal networking tool for the like-minded businesses you’re surrounded by. Brand consistency can drive brand and product awareness, so ensure the combination of texts, images and design fits the ethos of your brand.

Hand out leaflets or flyers

In an age dominated by the digital world, leaflets and flyers can be a key tool to guarantee an immediate way of catching potential contacts eyes. Key information such as your brand name, slogan and description of your business will give people all the facts they need to know and may even pass on to connections outside the networking event.

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Whether you’re just starting out in business or are already established, it is vital that you treat networking events as a way of promoting your business. The Print Runner can help you find a trusted printer to produce all the networking tool essentials you need.

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